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Out Here In The Darkness (2019)

Houston, 1985. A group of teenagers, drawn together through a passion for drugs and Heavy Metal, torture and murder one of their companions. But no one knows. Less than a month later, two more brutal crimes follow. 

As detectives hunt for the killers, the media rocks the city when it brands the teens members of a satanic cult. Thrust into a moral spin, the young killers wonder: should they turn each other into the police, or hope to escape the consequences of their horrifying crimes? 

Out Here in the Darkness seizes the reader by the throat, taking them step by shocking step through the crimes, the investigations, and the trials and later follows a convicted double murderer on his 33-year quest for redemption, deep in the dark underbelly of the American prison system. 

A spellbinding page-turner and an unrelenting trip down the wrong side of the tracks, Abra Stevens’ compelling masterpiece of true crime will keep you mesmerized and awake at night pondering its questions: What was the motivation behind such savagery? And is there any way to discover the truth, buried three decades ago, in the darkness?