Serenity in Chaos

I write with music shattering the tranquility of my office. The melody causing the particles in the air to drift in the fluidity of a choreographed cotillion (or mosh-pit.) 

Some people need quiet to create, and others need chaos. I’m a fan of chaos (which makes sense when you account for the genre I write in.) If it is silent, I can’t focus. I end up getting on Google with a research question, and three hours later, I’m immersed in a rabbit hole. I’ll never understand how “Map of I-10 East” leads to some blogger’s theory on how spiders are actually an alien life form. But it somehow does.

Anyway, it’s always different types of music depending on what I am writing about. For example, when drafting the murder scenes in Out Here in the Darkness, I listened to Richard Wagner and Iron Maiden. For the autopsy, it was Rachmaninoff and non-stop Led Zeppelin for the police investigation. Exhorder, Elton John, Twisted Sister, and Childish Gambino were in heavy rotation as I detailed the trials. I penned the remainder of the book to a playlist only a Gemini would have, from Ronnie Milsap and Lynyrd Skynyrd to The Hellacopters, Lil Jon, and Bird York.

I listen to every type of music when I write, and the reason is simple. Music provides a place for my mind to roost, allowing the sentiments within the notes played to steep until my muse appears, and the songs fall to the background.

If you are drained or a casualty of the dreaded writer’s block, select an album which produces within you the emotions you wish to write about and turn it up to eleven. Your muse just may come dancing.